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   Healing Rooms Ministries In Israel
            Rich & Dottie Kane, Israel National Advisors




                                  PHYSICIAN IS HEALED - Dr. Lise Lambert, who has a Family Practice in Ft Lauderdale, FL, came to the                                           Healing Rooms with severe pain in her cervical area as well as radiating down into her right arm.  She shared                                              with us that she was facing  surgery. This had been confirmed through an MRI that she had had done that                                                    morning. The nerve root between the 5th and 6th vertebra was crushed. She was told that this would require                                                emergency decompression surgery.

Upon receiving prayer at the Healing Rooms she experienced an intense heat come upon her neck and arm area  Her arm was instantly healed, and the pain in her neck area went away completely within two days.  We saw Dr. Lambert two weeks later, she shared with us that God had revealed to her, that yes, she was a Physician, but that He was the 'Great Physician'.






                          HEALED OF CANCER - I (Dottie Kane) was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer in 1991.  Based on the CT Scan,                                            Dr. Halvorson wanted to remove my kidney, my ureter and a portion of my bladder as the cancer had begun to                                             spread.  I availed myself of prayer ministry.   My husband Rich was fasting and praying for me that this cancer                                             would be removed.  Jim Goll, David Ravenhill, Dr. Wes Adams and other men of God prayed for me                                                             to be completely healed of this cancer.

As I was reading the 'Healing Scriptures' and worshipping the Lord, I heard the Lord say to me: "Am I not the Healer and can I not heal you?"  I replied to the Lord: "Yes, you are the Healer, and yes you can heal me."  As I said this to the Lord, He gave me His faith to be healed.  I knew that I knew that I was healed.  I called the Urologist and canceled the surgery.  I shared with him that I believed that the Lord had healed me.  He replied to me: "We will cancel the surgery, but I want you to come into the Hospital the following Tuesday, and let me go into your kidney with a scope to make sure that there is no more cancer."

I went into the hospital the following Tuesday.  Before they put me under the anesthesia, I declared to the two Doctors: "Today, you are going to see a miracle. You are going to go into my kidney and you are not going to find any cancer, no tumor, nothing but a normal healthy kidney." After they went into the kidney with the scope, Dr. Halvorson came to tell my husband what they had found.  My husband stood up to greet the Dr.  The Dr. said: "Sit down, sit down, you are not going to believe this."  My husband replied: "I believe, I believe."

Dr. Halvorson then shared: "We went into the kidney with a scope - there is no more cancer in your wife's kidney."  "The Lord has performed a miracle in your wife."  My husband, replied: "Hallelujah, Hallelujah!!"  They let my husband Rich into the 'Recovery Room' to see me. I looked up at him and he said to me: "You don't know yet?"  I said "No, I don't know."  Rich than shard with me that all trace of the cancer was gone. You have no more cancer. NO MORE CANCER!!


Dr. Halvorson wrote a letter to our Pastor -  Dr. Wes Adams:  "I have indeed seen many unexplained beneficial occurrences in medicine in my twenty five years of experience, however I would conclude that this truly is a miraculous cure and could only be brought about by the Lord's healing power."

Because of Dottie's healing of cancer, as a ministry we have seen hundreds of people who have had cancer healed by the Lord Jesus. What the Lord has done on behalf of Dottie He will do for you!!  Believe Him today for your miracle breakthrough!!

FINANCES & MARRIAGES ARE RESTORED - God has restored finances and marriages through the 'Power of Prayer'.  Our God is concerned with everything that concerns us.

HEALED OF BLINDNESS - Irene Regina came to the Healing Rooms for prayer ministry.  Irene had been blind for 12 years.  Her retinas had been burned from radiation due to brain cancer. Upon receiving prayer, Irene began to scream: "I can see, I can see."  Irene's sight was fully restored in both of her eyes.  Our God is an awesome God - with Him all things are possible!!


JANIE WHO IS THE WIFE OF A PASTOR WAS SENT HOME TO DIE - Janie W. had cancer in her brain, her lungs, her breast, her spine, her liver and most of her bones. Janie had received massive amounts of chemo therapy from her Oncologist as well as multiple operations. Her cancer only became worse.  Her Oncologist sent Janie home to die.  There was nothing more that could be done for her. 


Janie than heard about the Healing Rooms, she came to the Healing Rooms to receive her miracle. After being prayed for she experienced the miracle touch of the Lord upon her. She then went to her Oncologist and told him that she believed that God had healed her of this cancer. Janie asked her Oncologist for a body scan to be done.

When the results of the scan came back, the Oncologist called Janie into his office. With tears in his eyes he said: "Janie there is no more cancer in your body, will you please pray for me?"  Right then and there Janie prayed for her Jewish Oncologist. Nothing is too difficult for our God - All things are possible for our God!!

DEPRESSION & EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS ARE HEALED  -  Upon receiving prayer at the Healing Rooms Brenda M. was healed of severe depression and emotional problems. She was completely set free. Brenda now has peace and joy in her life again. Life is now worth living!!

PARALYZED FOR 22  YEARS  -  Lady Delia had been paralyzed for over 22 years. She had been struck by an                                  automobile, which left her paralyzed, unable to walk.  She had given up all hope that she would ever walk again. But                              God saw her need.  In the fullness of time the Lord touched Delia. Delia arose from her wheelchair completely                                      whole. She now travels the world praising God for the supernatural miracle that she has experienced in her life.



                                         WATCH AS GOD PERFORMS THIS MIRACLE FOR LADY DELIA


                                         WATCH AS LADY DELIA WALKS UNASSISTED FOR THE FIRST TIME

                                                      Delia Knox walks on stage and sings at Bay of the Holy Spirit ...

                            YOUNG DEAF BOY IS HEALED - HE IS NOW ABLE TO HEAR

                            We have had people who are deaf, who have come to the Healing Rooms to receive prayer ministry.
                           After receiving prayer they were healed of their deafness through the power of a mighty God.



CONRAD NO LONGER NEEDS HIS WHEELCHAIR - Conrad D. was healed of severe rheumatoid arthritis, a fractured coccyx and a sciatica nerve problem through the 'Power of Prayer' at the Healing Rooms. Conrad no longer needs his wheelchair!! 

                        HEALED OF A TERMINAL DISEASE -
Anna Lucia, a precious 13 year old girl, was healed of a terminal disease                                 and the large lump on her spine went away after she had received prayer ministry at the Healing Rooms. She shared                                   that while she was being prayed for, she felt both electricity and a heat all over her body.  God had completely healed                                 and restored health to Anna Lucia.

HEALED OF CANCER & DIABETES - We rejoice with Debbie and her husband, who are in full time ministry. After receiving prayer at the Healing Rooms, Debbie was healed of Lymphoma (a form of cancer) and of Diabetes.  This was confirmed by her medical physician.  Hallelujah!!

                                     THOUSANDS HAVE BEEN HEALED THROUGH THE 'POWER OF PRAYER'

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