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   Healing Rooms Ministries In Israel
            Rich & Dottie Kane, Israel National Advisors


By Jennifer LeClaire,
Head Editor of Charisma Magazine





Jesus did many mighty miracles in Jerusalem and Galilee—and He's still working miracles there today through a "Healing Rooms" movement rising rapidly in Israel.

Two years ago, John G. Lake's supernatural ministry model made its way to the Holy Land.  Lake was a Canadian-born healing evangelist from the late 1800s and early 1900s who studied under miracle worker John Alexander Dowie.  As part of Lake's ministry, he launched "Divine Healing Rooms" in Spokane, Washington, and trained "divine healing technicians" to pray for the sick. From February 1915 to May 1920, more than 100,000 healings were reported in Lake's Healing Rooms.

"God has given us a vision to open Healing Rooms in every city and in every nation," says Cal Pierce, International Director of Healing Rooms Ministries and founder of International Association of Healing Rooms (IAHR). Pierce re-dug Lake's healing wells in Spokane in 1999 and ultimately birthed a movement. Today, more than 3,000 Healing Rooms in 78 nations exist—including four in Israel with five more in the works.

"Healing Rooms in Israel are strategic because Israel is the crossroads of humanity," says Pierce. "Israel is the center of God's heart. Reports are coming back—we're seeing ever-increasing miracles, signs and wonders."

                                                  Miracles, Signs and Wonders

                             Rich and Dottie Kane, who opened Healing Rooms in South Florida in 2002, are                                         leading the charge in Israel. Standing on 1 Corinthians 1:22—"For the Jews require                                   a sign"—the Kanes contacted key leaders in Israel to cast the vision and healing                                       rooms were quickly established in Jerusalem, Rishon Letzion, Galilee and                                                 Ashkelon. Two  additional Healing Rooms are planned for Jerusalem, along with                                       others in Haifa and Christ's hometown of Nazareth.

"Muslims and Jewish people who don't know the Messiah yet are coming to the Healing Rooms and God is touching them with His awesome power," says Dottie Kane, co-director of Healing Rooms Ministries of South Florida and a national adviser for IAHR in Israel. Pierce mentioned Israel is the crossroads of humanity. The nation connects three continents—Africa, Asia and Europe—and Daniel and Carolyn, directors of Oasis Healing Rooms of Galilee (last names withheld for security purposes), have discovered that people from many nations visit for prayer.

"Jesus went about Galilee healing the sick, and it will be a part of the global awakening coming to Israel and the nations," says Carolyn, who gained victory in an eight-year cancer battle at the Healing Rooms in Galilee after launching the ministry in 2013. Angelic visitations, she says, have marked the ministry. "In October of 2014, as we were gathered in the Healing Rooms, an Angel manifested in the center of the room. He was dressed as a warrior," Carolyn says. "He said he was there with his company to guard and protect believers in the village. He said we are in a time of war, and it's imperative that the flame of worship does not go out in this place. From that day on, I experienced waves of peace and joy."

Israeli citizens Evgeny and Irina Rozin opened Passat Healing Rooms in 2012 with Mark 16:15-18—the Great Commission—in mind. Evgeny says not everyone can visit the Healing Rooms, so people call him from across the country seeking prayer. He even gets calls from foreign nations. "We pray for people. We send prayer shawls, and they are healed," Evgeny says. "To pray for unbelievers in Israel is not easy. Many people are not ready for prayer in Jesus' name. Sometimes they even refuse to be healed when they hear us pray in Jesus' name. But when they agree to allow us to pray for them, God works."

Some Orthodox Jews are willing to hear what Evgeny has to say about the Messiah, why He died on the cross and what His resurrection means for all who believe in Him. More Jews, he says, are considering Jesus and asking questions. Sometimes miracles result.  "During our work at the Healing Rooms, we've seen healing of pains in knees and elbows and backs and migraines. Swelling and bruises have disappeared," says Evgeny, noting that the prayer ministry to other nations has been more miraculous than at his Healing Rooms in Ashkelon. "We've seen people cured from cancer from telephone prayer and sending prayer shawls."

Doctors Embrace Healing Room


                             Even medical doctors in Israel are embracing the Healing Rooms movement. Dr.                                       Michael Yaron and his wife, Marianne, launched the Beit Margoa Healing Rooms in                                   Rishon Letzion two years ago. Yaron believes when he shares Yeshua with Jews as                                   the Jewish Messiah, he also needs to demonstrate Yeshua is still the same as He                                       was 2,000 years ago—that He still heals the sick.  In Israel though, physical                                               healing is just the beginning. Israel is a land of immigrants and home to a                                                   generation of Holocaust survivors whose deep suffering has passed on to the                                           second and third generations.

Yaron says many Jews need inner healing. Some are terror victims who suffer physically while others suffer emotionally from post-traumatic stress disorder.  "One man came for prayer and told us about his problems," Yaron explains. "When we spoke about rejection and childhood problems with his father, he started crying, and a healing process got released there and then. He's still on the way."

Then there was the Orthodox Jew who for years couldn't sleep and suffered from pain associated with dry eye syndrome, a malfunction that caused a lack of tears.  Like the woman with the issue of blood, he tried everything to find relief—including an unsuccessful operation.  "After our prayer, for the first time in years, he slept throughout the night, and from that moment on, he was healed," Yaron says. "This is also interesting because he was still not a believer and followed Eastern religions and philosophies."

Many prophetic voices are backing Yaron up. Cindy Jacobs, co-founder of Generals International, prophesied: "A new signs and wonders movement is coming, which is significantly greater than what was seen in the post-World War II healing evangelists.  Part of the fruit of this movement will be 'Healing Centers,' which will be built around the world, devoted to praying for the sick and casting out demons."

Prophecy of the Dead Being Raised

Jacobs went on to proclaim one of the distinctives of this movement: will be raising the dead.

She declared this would break barrenness off the church, and entire cities would turn to Christ. James Goll, an international author and prophetic minister, also prophesied about Healing Rooms: "Healing Rooms and centers will be instituted in many cities devoted to praying for the sick and casting out of evil spirits. Parades of people healed of various diseases will once again occur as in the days of the life of John G. Lake in the 1920s."

Lake's movement is rising in Israel and beyond, but to many, it seems especially significant in the Holy Land. Kane calls the Healing Rooms in Israel "glory portals" and believes "God's glory is going to fall, and many are going to turn their hearts to the Messiah."   


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