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   Healing Rooms Ministries In Israel
            Rich & Dottie Kane, Israel National Advisors

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                                                                   HEALING ROOMS PROPHETIC WORDS


                          Dutch Sheets declared:  "The foundation has now been laid and you watch and see.  I decree                           

                          to you that in the Healing Rooms of America incredible, supernatural, dramatic, extraordinary signs

                          and wonders are going to take place...."




                        Cindy Jacobs, Director of the 'Generals of Intercession' has prophesied:  "A new signs & wonders                                                     movement is coming, which is significantly greater than what was seen in the Post-World War 11                                                       healing evangelists. Part of the fruit of this movement will be 'Healing Centers' which will be built                                                   around the world, devoted to praying for the sick and casting out demons.

                         One of the distinctive of this movement will be raising the dead. This will break barrenness off  of the Church                           and such great fruitfulness will result that whole cities will turn to Christ and be transformed. This will grow                           out of what some call the 'saints movement', in which large numbers of ordinary believers will be mobilized to                          win the lost, to cast out demons, and to heal the sick."


                         Jim Goll  declared:  "A new Signs and Wonders Movement is growing. Healing Rooms and Centers will                                          be instituted in many cities devoted to praying for the sick and casting out of evil spirits (Luke 10). Parades                                of people healed of various diseases will once again occur as in the days of life of John G. Lake in the                                              1920’s.

                         This move of God will be so powerful that the church will gather in stadiums to worship - both the collective                              church in given regions as well as some local congregations growing so large that they will fill stadiums for                                their celebration worship services.

Jill Austin from 'Master Potter Ministries', prophesied: "Healing Rooms these will explode all over the world. Also, healing teams will go to hospitals and to places in the world where epidemics are breaking out. The Lord is about to release His faithful hidden ones in these days as the rage of Satan increases. He is bringing this new realm of glory to earth to bring in a great harvest of souls through signs, wonders and miracles, using broken and weak vessels like us."


Barbara Wentroble prophesied: "I'm going to even raise up HEALING CENTERS from city to city....And many will come into those healing waters and they shall find healing, and they shall find restoration. Know that as I release My Healing Anointing, not just the Church is going to come, but know that I shall bring in the desperate. I shall bring those that do not know Me, but they are desperate for a miracle. And they shall come into those healing centers, and I shall release My Healing Restoring Power. It will cause a mighty harvest to break open in this area..."

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